Super Motard DRC Wide Footpegs


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Wide Super Moto Foot Pegs with Sliders

Replace those narrow OEM foot pegs with the DRC Wide Chromoly Foot Pegs with sliders.  When you are on your Supermoto bike a stable platform when riding is important.  Crafted with precision for riders seeking superior performance and durability on the track or trail. Engineered using only high-quality materials, these foot pegs redefine control and comfort for motocross enthusiasts.

The DRC Wide Foot Pegs with sliders offer a wider platform and the ridges offer more traction for your foot preventing you from slipping.  Over all it offers more control on your bike. The build in sliders protect your foot pegs when making hair pin turns on the track.  So don't be afraid to knee drag!;)

Please see application chart below.


- 50mm step width provides better grip and control.
- Shorter length, higher peg postion for super moto racing use, prevents peg body wear by hitting asphalt.
- Equipped with replacable peg slider.
- Made of chromium molybdenum steel for extreme durability.
- Black powder coating finish.
- Replacement peg slider available.

Replacement Peg Slider
Comes in pair.
Fitting 4 screws are included.


Application Chart Click Here

MOTARD FOOTPEG Application Chart

2018.11.6 update

Bike Year Part number
CR125/250 02-07 D48-02-932
CRF150R 07-19 D48-02-932
CRF250R 04-19 D48-02-932
CRF250RX 19 D48-02-932
CRF450R 02-19 D48-02-932
CRF450RX 17-19 D48-02-932
CRF450L 19 D48-02-932
CRF250X 04-17 D48-02-932
CRF450X 05-19 D48-02-932
CRF250L/M 12-18 D48-02-932
CRF250RALLY 17-18 D48-02-932
XR250R 95-04 D48-02-924
SUPER XR250/BAJA 95-02 D48-02-924
XR250/MOTARD 03-07 D48-02-924
YZ65 18 D48-02-906
YZ85 02-19 D48-02-906
YZ125/250  99-19 D48-02-906
YZ250F 01-19 D48-02-906
YZ400F-450F  99-19 D48-02-906
YZ125X 17-19 D48-02-906
YZ250X 16-19 D48-02-906
YZ250FX 15-19 D48-02-906
YZ450FX 16-19 D48-02-906
WR250F  01-18 D48-02-906
WR400F-450F  99-18 D48-02-906
WR250R/X 07-17 D48-02-937
KX250F 09-18 D48-02-931
KX250 19 D48-02-931
KX450F 09-18 D48-02-931
KX450 19 D48-02-931
KLX250/300/D-TRACKER -16 D48-02-922
RM125/250  91-02 D48-02-921
RM-Z250  10-18 D48-02-920
RM-Z450 08-09 D48-02-905
10 D48-02-920
12-18 D48-02-920
RMX450Z 10-17 D48-02-920
RMX250R  89-99 D48-02-921
RMX250S  93-99 D48-02-921
DR-Z400E/R/S/SM 00-17 D48-02-921
125SX/250-450SX-F 98-15 D48-02-910
16-19 D48-02-982
250SX 98-16 D48-02-910
17-19 D48-02-982
125-530 EXC/EXC-F 98-16 D48-02-910
17-19 D48-02-982
150-300XC 06-16 D48-02-910
17-18 D48-02-982
250-450XC-F 08-15 D48-02-910
16-19 D48-02-982
125-530XC-W/XCF-W 06-16 D48-02-910
17-19 D48-02-982
690ENDURO/R 08-17 D48-02-910
690SMC/R 08-17 D48-02-910
690SUPER MOTO/R 07-09 D48-02-910
950ADVENTURE/S 03-06 D48-02-910
950SUPER ENDURO 06-10 D48-02-910
950SUPER MOTO/R 05-08 D48-02-910
990ADVENTURE 06-13 D48-02-910
990SUPER MOTO/R/T 09-13 D48-02-910
1050ADVENTURE 15-16 D48-02-910
1090ADVENTURE/R 17 D48-02-910
1190ADVENTURE/R 13-16 D48-02-910
1290SUPER ADVENTUR/R/S/T 15-17 D48-02-910
WR125,TE250,SM250 07-09 D48-02-981
TC125/FC 250-450 14-15 D48-02-910
16-19 D48-02-982
TC250 14-16 D48-02-910
17-19 D48-02-982
TE/FE125-501 14-16 D48-02-910
17-19 D48-02-982
TX/FX125-450 17-19 D48-02-982
701ENDURO 16-18 D48-02-910
701SUPER MOTO 16-18 D48-02-910
FS450 15 D48-02-910
16-18 D48-02-982
RR2T 125-300 13-19 D48-02-910
RR4T 350-500 10-18 D48-02-910
X-TRAINER 15-18 D48-02-910

  1. Enhanced Stability: The widened design of the foot pegs provides increased stability and support, allowing riders to maintain optimal balance during high-speed maneuvers and aggressive cornering.

  2. Exceptional Grip: Engineered with aggressive teeth patterns, these foot pegs offer unparalleled grip, ensuring riders maintain control even in the most challenging terrain and weather conditions.

  3. Integrated Sliders: Equipped with integrated sliders, these foot pegs offer added protection to your bike's frame and components during slides and impacts, minimizing damage and extending the lifespan of your motorcycle.

  4. Durable Construction: Constructed from premium-grade materials, including aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, these foot pegs are built to withstand the rigors of intense riding sessions, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.

  5. Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, these foot pegs are compatible with a wide range of motorcycle models and come with all necessary hardware for a quick and straightforward setup.

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