DRC Body Accessories

Collection of Footpegs, Radiator Hose, Radiator Cap, Aluminum Bolt, Nuts, and Spacers, Bolt Kits, Offroad mirrors, Mirror Holders, Kill Switch, Brake Saver, Safety wire plate, Cargo Anchor, Skid Plate Foam, Carbon Look Decal, and Uni Flow Hose.

Japan's premier manufacturer of high-quality body accessories for dirt bikes. Elevate your riding experience with our innovative range of products designed to enhance performance, durability, and style on and off the track.

DRC body accessories are meticulously engineered using advanced materials and precision manufacturing techniques, ensuring superior fitment, functionality, and durability in the most demanding riding conditions. Whether you're a professional racer seeking a competitive edge or a weekend warrior looking to upgrade your ride, DRC has you covered with a comprehensive selection of body accessories tailored to meet the needs of dirt bike enthusiasts of all skill levels.