Motorcycle Lift Stand


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Dirt Bike Stand

When looking for a Portable Dirt Bike Stand, you want a stable one with a rubber top, to prevent your bike from slipping.  This Stand is deemed the baby brother of our fastest selling stand DRC HC2 Stand.  An inexpensive alternative, without the hydraulic cannister.  Boasting a quality and versatility that the HC2 Stand has to offer with the hydraulics.  This Dirt Bike Stand by Unit can easily be used for small mini bikes, mid-size dirt bikes and full size Dirt bikes with it’s adjustable top plate.  It has an H-formation with rubber footing adding stability to the stand.  The foot pedal also offers superb leverage to make stepping on the stand easy when engaging.  The best part about it is, it's portable enough for the track and the garage.


- Height adjustable dirt bike lift stand.

- 5 different heights adjust system fits under most dirt bikes,from 65 cc to full size dirt bikes.

- Jack foot pedal is designed for easy operation.

- Non-slip rubber top plate lifts the bike securely.

- Rubber foot caps provide better grip and stability.

- Adjustable Height range : 250 mm to 350 mm

- Body Size : W300mm x D330mm x H420mm

- Material : Steel

- Color : Black

- Max Weight : 150kgs (300lb)

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