MX Motorycle T-STAND


  • $9.99
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Motocross or Supercross T-Stand

This none conventional Motorcycle Dirt Bike Stand has a T-style construction.  Unlike the conventional triangle stand, it offers more portability.  It's easy to stash inside your riding back pack on the trails or you can stash it with you T-handle wrenches when going to the racetrack.  With the accompanying adapters it will surely fit any dirt bike motorcycle you have.


- Side stand, hook into rear axle. 
- Great to use MX racing bikes and bikes removed stock side stand. 
- Made of durable steel. 
- T-type side stand comes with 3 different attachments to fit most dirt bike axle shafts. 
- Corresponding size : 11 / 14.5 / 18 mm

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