Wheel Roller


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Motorcycle Wheel Roller

Who doesn't love clean wheels?? Cleaning Your Motorcycle wheels can be hard, this wheel roller allows you to put your street bike on it's side stand and rotate the wheels so you can easily clean it.  It can also be adjusted making sure you get the exact length for your tire.  It also has a lip to make rolling your tire on it smoother.  A must have for all those Motorcycle detailing needs. 


- Allows a motorcycle wheel to be rotated for cleaning or chain maintenance. 
- 3 different roller adjuster position allow to use wheel size from 10 to 19 inches. 
- Bearings inside of rollers provide smooth wheel rotation. 
- Can be used tire size up to 200 size. 
- Maximum weight : 200 kg (440 lbs) 
- Material : Steel 
- Color : Black

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