VHM Power Valve Adjuster with 2 Stage Spring for a KTM 65sx 2009-2022


  • $116.99
  • Save $13

KTM 65 Power Valve

KTM 65 is one of the best mini bikes out there and there are quite a few upgrades that you can do for it, one of them is this VHM Power Valve Adjuster.  On the KTM 65 sx, power valve adjustment can be a nuisance sometimes.  The OEM KTM 65 Power Valve, does not give you tons of options to adjust your Power Valve Spring.  The VHM Power Valve Adjuster replaces your OEM Power Valve Cover to give you this option.

When using another exhaust pipe, it will influence the opening of the power valve. With the VHM power valve adjuster with 2 stage power valve spring, you are able to adjust the opening timing of the power valve easily with the screw. The first stage of the spring allows the power valve open very easily for a better and direct response. The second part of the spring keeps the power valve fully open for a maximum exhaust flow. The VHM power valve adjuster is made from high quality aluminum machined from solid.

The VHM power valve adjuster fits the VHM cylinder head (part number AA33112), VHM power valve base (part number DA31181) as well as the OEM cylinder head and power valve base.

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