VHM Crankshaft KTM 85SX 2018-2024 / Husqvarna TC85 2018-2024 middle inertia


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This VHM crankshaft is designed with a much higher inertia for an improved handling and performance and a better balance percentage for less vibrations. You'll notice the high quality, as the runout is within 0.01mm and it can be rebuild many times without losing the strength and stiffness.

  • Better top over revolutions
  • Better handling
  • Higher corner speed
  • Longevity and accuracy
  • Less vibration

*These kits are made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks to ship

    This Also is compatible with 2018 Husqvarna TC85.

    VHM crankshafts are made of high quality steel which had a heat treatment. The cranks webs are CNC machined and grinded to precise dimensions. The advantage of the heat treatment is that the crankshaft in totally will be a lot stiffer, because the resistance to bending of the crankshaft is much higher. This results in a much longer performance and the crankshaft can also be overhauled many times.

    For each application and use, power characteristics and riding styles requires another inertia of the crankshaft. We have a low, middle or high inertia crankshaft.

    The crankshaft with a lower inertia reacts faster, which will increase the acceleration. On short and slow racetracks, we advise to use the crankshaft with a lower inertia.

    A crankshaft with a higher inertia reacts slower, but carries speed further. When the engine is very hard to handle and has a narrow power band, then a crankshaft with a higher inertia will give better performance on the track. The power delivery from the engine to the ground will be transferred more smooth. The engine is much more in control.

    *This High Inertia VHM Crankshaft comes with Pro-X Connecting Rod

    VHM crankshafts

    With almost a decade of experience in producing special crankshafts, we are the expert in crankshafts for motocross, road race and karting engines.

    We have manufactured crankshafts for the highest level of motorsport. For example crankshafts for road race bikes such as the Yamaha TZ125, Honda RS125, Derbi GP125 and Malaguti GP 125. Jorge Lorenzo, riding for Derbi Racing has won GP's in 2003 using VHM cylinder head and crankshafts. Ajo Motorsport from Finland also used VHM crankshafts for their Honda RS125 and Malaguti GP125 bikes.

    In motocross, we have worked with Jan de Groot from Team Kawasaki Europe. Rider Mickaël Maschio (World champion MX in 2002) used VHM cylinder heads and crankshafts on his Kawasaki KX125.

    Even for the Radio Controlled engines, many drivers and top tuner Chris Lukkasen from G4z is using the VHM crankshaft for the Zenoah G230/G270RC engines.

    Many private and factory teams are counting on the performance and quality of the VHM crankshafts.

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